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Artisanal Peanut Butter Freshly Handmade with the Best Ingredients.

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100% Natural

Our nut butters are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial flavor added. No added oil. Zero trans fat. No additives.

Made Fresh Every Week.

Our nut butters are freshly handmade in batches with love, ensuring top quality always.

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Peanut Butter

Sugar and salt-free options available for all ranges too.

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What Our Customers Say

Lim Yong Ting

Rich in taste, smooth on tongue and most importantly, guilt-free! (happily having my second bottle of crunchy peanut butter)

Owen Chia

Absolutely loving their regular crunchy peanut butter. The sweetness is just nice for me although it is a regular sugar one and there is a little salty taste to balance up the overall taste.
Rich but smooth spread with big chunks of nicely roasted peanut is another plus point Definitely recommendable to anyone who love peanut butter.
For sure you can have this everyday without any guilt cause they are fresh, homemade and no addictive.

Yap Qin Yang

Tried on their peanut butter recently as recommended by my friend.
This is absolutely delish! And what’s even better is their organic homemade with low oil & sugar level, unlike the classic peanut butter which is too sweet for me.
I’ve finished 1 bottle in just a week! I really look forward to see this in supermarket, so I can grab it back easily.

Vyonne Foo

Had tried all 3types of the peanut butter because my hubby as a peanut lover likes the Crunchy type, he felt so satisfied to have the mouthful of the whole real peanut. For me I like the Crumbles so much and the kids love Creamy.
I did buy organic peanut butter as well before this, however it's frustrated me when trying to spread it on bread bcz it was so so dry.
But, Nuttyland products are impressed me, it is sooo smooth and we was like, how could she do that?
Anyway, we love it so much! And it's not too sweet, very suitable to my kids. I don't have to convince them to take their breakfast. They will now take initiatives to make their own breakie, put on the peanut butter on their bread by their own and enjoy it every morning!
Thanks Nuttyland for such healthy and yummy peanut butter and I feel safe to let them have it often. Nuttyland is definitely my regular peanut butter supplier now.

Joey Tan

A lot of variety and I personally prefers the smooth nut butter and it's not too sweet. My whole family loves it! Definitely will restock my nut butter from them...

Lim Fang Yi

Fast delivery! received it on the next day! the taste is very nice and smooth! and they use brown sugar instead of white sugar so the sweetness just fine! definitely will restock!

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