Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Nuttyland’s Crunchy | Crumbles | Creamy peanut butter?

Nuttyland's Crunchy peanut butter contains full peanut chunks for that satisfying crunch. We assure you will get spoonful after spoonful of peanuts in every jar.
Crumbles peanut butter contains coarsely-crushed peanuts. Fine enough for you to nibble on along with the smooth peanut butter texture.
For Creamy, it's the classic option that is just smooth and velvety peanut butter, giving you that creamy delightful aroma in every mouthful.

What is the difference between the Nuttyland’s Regular version VS Nuttyland's Sugar & Salt Free Peanut Butter?

The Regular version of Nuttyland's Crunchy | Crumbles | Smooth peanut butter contain brown sugar & salt.
Whereas the Sugar & Salt free peanut butter range is pure peanut taste, without any sugar or salt added. It is good for those who opt for sugar free diet and a good addition in making savoury meals.

Does this mean that the regular version of Nuttyland Peanut Butter is very sweet?

Customer always claimed that our peanut butter sweetness level is less compared to those in the market. We only use brown sugar for the healthier choice. We encourage you to try it and say if you really like it a little sweeter, you can always tweak it with a little sugar (careful, just a little though!)

Are there any colourings, preservatives, or additives added into Nuttyland Nut Butter?

No. Every jar of Nuttyland peanut butter is 100% naturally homemade. It does not contain any colourings, preservatives, or additives so you can enjoy it worry-free.

Why does a layer of oil appear on the surface of my peanut butter?

It's actually a good sign of how natural your peanut butter is. The oil separation is a natural occurrence and does not affect the taste. The oil pool is natural healthy oil derived from the peanuts itself. It is a good source of fat, so don't pour it out! Please stir the oil and peanut butter before consumption. It should get back to its usual state.

Are there any extra oil added into Nuttyland Peanut Butter?

No. We don’t add any extra oil into Nuttyland Peanut Butter. The oil is 100% healthy oil from grinding the peanuts. We strictly don't use or add hydrogenated oil (contain trans fat) in the making of our peanut butter.

Why there is some oily smell in Nuttyland Peanut Butter when I first open the jar?

Because we are 100 % naturally handmade artisan nut butter with no artificial, coloring or preservatives added. Natural peanut butter are unsaturated oil (the good fats) and is runny in room temperature. The oil smell does not affect the taste.
Please kindly stir from the bottom to the top, it will resume to normal peanut butter aroma.
As it's fresh nut butter, please be mindful to store our nut butter in cool place away from direct sunlight.

Is it necessary to store the peanut butter inside a refrigerator?

It’s not necessary as you can keep it in room temperature in a cool place away from direct sunlight. If you do put it in the fridge, it will be slightly harden.
We do recommend customers to finish the nut butter within 2 months for the best taste.

How long can Nuttyland Nut Butter be stored?

Nuttyland Nut Butter can be store within a year from the manufacture date. However, we do recommend customer to finish it within 2 months once the jar is opened to maintain the freshness and best taste.

Is Nuttyland Nut Butter suitable for vegetarian?

Yes. It is 100% vegan-friendly.

How long it takes to deliver the nut butter?

Delivery process should take 2-3 working days after the order is confirmed.

How much is the shipping fees?

As confirm Pos Laju for the courier service, the shipping fees will be based on weight.
For West Malaysia, we are giving flat rate RM10 for the shipping fees which includes the handling fee and packaging fees as well. While for the East Malaysia, the shipping fees is RM16 for the first 1kg., every additional 1kg is Rm12. We do receive international orders upon requested.

Is self-collection allowed?

Yes. You may collect it at our headquarter located in Taman OUG. No shipping charges incur. We do accept COD for self-collection.

What if the peanut butter is broken during the delivery services?

Sorry, we are not liable for the delivery services rendered by Pos Laju. However, it is our topmost priority in always making sure the nut butter is well packed with care before we send them out.
We very much would like you to be able to receive our Nuttyland's Nut Butter in good hands and enjoy the goodness immediately. Once goods sold are not returnable.

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